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They offer an "Unlimited Plan" with no data cap or limit on disk usage. 
Bit more expensive than (about 3x the year) but still affordable.  There are godaddy promo codes to help you get an even more affordable deal.

They also offer a range of "applications" to install to (installation is done by click of a button, ready to install) This package include Wordpress, Coppermine, Gallery2. They also keep these packages up-to-date. 

The basic package of GoDaddy: 10GB space and 300 GB Transfer is all very much indeed, you will need thousands of visitors per day to such a transfer to become, and 10GB online will continue while you are. When you have 10GB space and unlimited bandwidth ... and costs only 2.60. The coupon codes for godaddy are available online.

Besides' unlimited bandwidth 'is NOT! If you really use too much bandwidth that other users on that server problems will get you yet give way hear, you have no illusions about it.